Software's And Applications

Kwarim software's and applications

Kwarim provides various solutions for managing and organizing classic and digital information volumes. It provides a number of platforms with different sources in order to structure groups, create and administer databases, and manage paper and digital sources. It also provides search and retrieval options.

Kwarim offers options of collection management systems for all type of museums and cultural institutions, including digital and paper volumes, works of art, or material heritage. The system allows the client to manage, enrich, and retrieving from database and an addition features.

Kwarim offers advanced systems to manage digital documents and electronic dealings, first the creation, then the tools and stages of conversion and user permissions of management, access, direction, and attachment control, and finally the saving, final storage, and making available for search and retrieval.

Kwarim provides updated versions of open-source system to preserve assets and digital volumes owned by the client and save them permanently in the long term. As well, the system allows categorization, depositing, controlling access permissions, search and retrieval, in addition to managing the descriptive data of the digital carriers
Kwarim provides customized system for managing digital conversion system. designing and creating workflow charts. It is designed to manage scanning processes and digital content production and enrichment, as well as managing the movement of such content among other components, controlling its quality, and managing approval steps.

Kwarim has approved and developed updated versions of open-source system, where the team has developed, Arabized, and modified interfaces and is periodically updating it version and client installation site This system offers multiple features for the end user, the most unique being the unlimited number of volumes and users that the system can manage without additional costs to the client.

Kwarim offers specialized tools that are a subcategory of the group management system. Those are used to manage digital assets for groups and volumes for museums and cultural institutions. Through such tools, descriptive data can be managed, and it's possible to create, modify, and synchronize with external systems using standard linkage tools.